National Sales Honor

Check out International Management Partners in the news.  The team has won several awards and is now being recognized by our client, nationally.

CEO, Richard, praised his team’s collective effort in maintaining its status as an elite producer in the nation. “It’s an honor that we never take for granted to be recognized for superior performance on behalf of the client,” said Drach. “We look forward to more successful quarters of exceeding expectations.”

Welcome To International Management Partners

We’re an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in Omaha, NE.

Our Mission

At International Management Partners, we believe in WOW-ing our clients, providing quality consulting to our customers, and growth opportunities for our team.
WOW-ing our clients means going above and beyond expectations. We believe that by providing quality consulting, we will create and maintain a reputation as the best choice for fortune 100 companies to increase their market share. We believe that face to face marketing is the best way to do business, and no one builds better relationships with customers than us. We work hard to attract, train, and continuously develop an incredible team to become the best versions of themselves. Our people are responsible for our success, and our future looks bright.

Why choose International Management Partners?

International Management Partners is the industry’s leading provider in sales and marketing in Omaha and around the U.S.  Our firm is award winning.  With years of experience, a dedicated and knowledgeable team, and the best resources and support, International Management Partners is your only option.  Not only do we deliver results, we do it with integrity.  We bring customers to our clients that stay for years.  The relationships we build, both with our team and our customers, keeps our clients happy.

When we are all focused on the same goal and mission, we all succeed together.

Proven Systems

Our systems allow us to win. We have proven time and time again that our method and practices are the way to get things done.


Our clients care about one thing and that’s results. Therefore, we offer them the best way to get results and that is to only pay us when we bring them a customer. This method allows our clients a 100% ROI!

Knowledgeable Team

Our team is trained based on their abilities so we offer classroom, hands on, and online training. We offer all resources to ensure they are fully prepared to meet your needs.

What We Offer


We have an open door policy for our clients and team.  We are in constant communication to improve systems, relay results, get support and train our team.  We are direct, honest, and transparent.  We want all parties to know what is going on at all times.


We deliver results.  Our award winning team stays ahead of the competition to exceed client expectations.

Acquisitions & Retention

We bring you customers at a rapid pace.  Each day, our team meets and greets with your customers to bring a face to your brand.  This unique, relationship building, tactic helps us to better understand your customer and give them exactly what they need.

Speed to Market

We react quickly to change, adapt, and beat your competition to your customers.

Why We Work


orking closely with our client, we determine market objectives across the nation. We seek to understand their goals, targets, and plans for growth in the market. We develop a team that learns the product knowledge and services available in order to best help the customer.


est Practices allow us to work with integrity in a new market. We test and measure results in an area of your choosing. After reporting back our findings over a few weeks, we plan for a full roll out of a new program and campaign in a new market.


nternational Management Partners has the right team for you. We talent scout, hire, train, and develop the best team for the job. This team will be taking your brand to the customers directly, with a handshake and a smile!


xceeding client expectations is the name of the game. Once we have established a market, we then grow the program. We continue to hire, train, and develop a highly professional team in order to bring you more customers. This system allows us to open in new markets all around the U.S. and globe.

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